What Kind of Value Internet Users Can Expect From VPN

Despite of paying high monthly premium to internet service providers for fast speed, internet users still suffer from ISP throttling for video streaming services such as YouTube. To resort out of this dreadful situation, the only outcome that seems beneficial is opting for a third party Virtual Private Network or VPN.

On a basic level, […]

Understanding the Crucial Difference between Privacy and Anonymity

Many people do not take the privacy and anonymity of their information seriously. The reason being that they feel they have nothing to hide at all. Above all, they do not understand the difference between privacy and anonymity, confusing them with each other and considering them to be the same.

Since stealing and intruding into […]

Tips to Speed up Your VPN Connection

While security is one of the key factors in determining which VPN service to go for, the speed of the VPN comes in as a close second runner-up. Generally, there are a host of factors that are responsible for determining the speed of the internet when connect via VPN. The most influential of these […]

Points To Consider When Opting For A VPN

With online security options popping up from left, right and center, opting for the best VPN services is crucial to ensure that your company’s personal and confidential data remains intact and not be maliciously distributed over the internet. Considering the variety of options at hand, the process seems daunting.

The first thing you need to […]

How VPN Services Keep Netflix Speedy

Netflix has been getting a lot of attention recently, not only because of the rumors about increased pricing per month but also because Internet Services Providers (ISPs) are throttling users with bandwidth. This results in a slow download along with an undue amount of buffering when watching movies and TV shows.

Owing to the licensing […]

Access Office Files Remotely By Setting Up Your VPN

Most small and medium sized businesses require their employees to create, edit and update data remotely. Whether working while travelling, at home or during vacations, remote employees need to have a constant access to central files to ensure data accuracy and continuity of the organization. The best way to allow employees to access office […]

Why Businesses Should Start Thinking About VPN Services Seriously

Living in the age of global digital marketing, the rapidity of communication on the internet is increasingly becoming fast, effective and convenient. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of those technologies that have made a lasting impression on online surfers. This development allows online users to stay connected with a server located in another […]

What Makes Express VPN Different From The Rest?

With more and more VPN providers saturating the market, Express VPN remains the fastest one. Being the most preferred and demanded, Express VPN allows you to watch video content from anywhere in the world at blazing speeds, encrypt your internet traffic and veil your IP address against hackers and intruders and provides access to […]

Pros and Cons of Having A VPN for Safe and Secure Browsing

The ultimate motive of having a VPN for business is to allow business partners to communicate and interact securely online. Companies that opt for VPN services consider it to be the safest way of interacting with a group of users/clients and employees spread geographically.

Besides adding a layer of security to business transactions, VPN also […]

IP Vanish – Is It Good Enough?

Recognized as one of the top VPN providers, IP Vanish provides encrypted connection, seamless ISP speeds, unblocked VOIP applications and more to its users. Capable of providing a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world, IP Vanish stands by its name and veils user’s presence and IP address when browsing online.

Acclaimed for its […]