Netflix has been getting a lot of attention recently, not only because of the rumors about increased pricing per month but also because Internet Services Providers (ISPs) are throttling users with bandwidth. This results in a slow download along with an undue amount of buffering when watching movies and TV shows.

Owing to the licensing restrictions, not everyone gets access to the Standard Netflix content. US users are currently getting more than 8500 films, while UK users are able to access 3100 and most other European countries are getting 2000 films.

Netflix – What’s The Problem?

Netflix surely has a solid business model. It offers a large variety of content for a low price each month. Although, the video quality isn’t very high but the number of movies and shows available along with Netflix-Only hits is unparalleled. However, since the internet speeds are increasing, online users are frustrated with the traditional cable network. Consumers are allegedly claiming that some ISPs are throttling with the bandwidth, slowing the speed at which specific services download content. Consequently, the show takes up more time to load, menus become unresponsive and watching movies online seems impossible.

Are VPNs The Solution?

VPNs are considered to be the safest way of veiling one’s IP address when surfing on the internet. It allows you to bypass restricted websites and content on your ISP connection. Many of the VPN services thwart ‘deep packet inspections’ by ISPs, which means that your internet providing company won’t know if you are accessing Netflix or not which will hopefully prevent any kind of bandwidth throttling. Moreover, VPNs encrypt your data and hide your IP address from websites, connecting it to the closest VPN server.

It is worth noting that VPN services keep record of user’s activity on the network for as long as 30, 60 or 90 days. This means that the chances of a privacy breach are high. Some of them are placed outside U.S. Even though this increases the basic privacy, the overall connection speed slows down due to high packet latency. Nonetheless, if you have a good VPN service, this problem can be tactfully managed.

Users that access Netflix via VPN connections have witnessed video streaming speeds of up to 3000 kbps. If you are looking for the best VPN services to speed up Netflix, then Express VPN is one of the top VPNs that can alleviate the pain of achingly slow internet connections, allowing Netflix to stream at superfast speeds.

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