Recognized as one of the top VPN providers, IP Vanish provides encrypted connection, seamless ISP speeds, unblocked VOIP applications and more to its users. Capable of providing a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world, IP Vanish stands by its name and veils user’s presence and IP address when browsing online.

Acclaimed for its high-end security features and full zero logs policy, people consider IP Vanish for securing their transactions and activities from being interrupted by hackers and other costly invasions.

Let’s look at some key features of IP Vanish that distinguishes it from other VPN services in the industry:

About IP Vanish

Launched back in 2012 by a Tier-1 provider, IP Vanish took the VPN industry to a whole new level by providing online users with a range of features to benefit from. Being the only tier-1 VPN service provider in the world, there can be no doubts on its speed, security and coverage. Providing a secure environment to surf in, users freely watch Netflix, Hulu, sports and news from anywhere in the world. Moreover, IP Vanish prevents ISPs from spying and interrupting your speed while keeping your online presence secure and information safe.

IP Vanish veils your IP address by grabbing an anonymous address to show your presence and location on the internet. This means that you can choose the location on your own and watch your favorite videos without any disruption.


IP Vanish VPN servers can be found in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South/Central America and Oceania. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that IP Vanish is one of the fastest growing Tier-1 networks on the world.

Supported Protocols

IP Vanish runs on all supported devices and operating systems that include Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Ubuntu, Chrome book, Routers and Android.

For PPTP and L2TP protocols, IP Vanish provides 128 bits encryption. In case you have an OpenVPN, IP Vanish provides additional security by layering it with 256-bit encryption.

The Zero Log Policy

According to IP Vanish’s Zero Log Policy, the user’s activity will not be monitored, stored or recorded in the logs except the following:

  • IP Vanish connection time stamp,
  • IP address used,
  • Duration of the connection,
  • Bytes transferred.

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