With online security options popping up from left, right and center, opting for the best VPN services is crucial to ensure that your company’s personal and confidential data remains intact and not be maliciously distributed over the internet. Considering the variety of options at hand, the process seems daunting.

The first thing you need to think about is the server options available. An ideal VPN service provides internet users with a safe connection that protects the computers from hacking attempts. VPNs make your system secure by re-routing your data towards the VPN server where it will get examined for integrity. Stated below are some essential points to consider when opting for a VPN:

1.     Do They Maintain Logs?

The overall goal of having a VPN connection is to protect your computer from external intrusion, swaying outsiders from gaining access to your critical information and unveiling your secrets. However, some VPNs maintain logs of your activities, putting a dent on the overall purpose of providing privacy and anonymity. In case hackers manage to break into your VPN connection, this is the first thing they are going to lay their hands on. While majority of the VPNs do not keep logs, there are some that still do; therefore, evaluate your options wisely.

2.     Do They Permit P2P Torrent Downloading?

P2P torrent downloading occupies a grey area in the space of internet usage. Ordinarily, users require P2P torrent downloading to share large amounts of data over internet such as spreadsheets, reports, audios and video files. Moreover, these protocols are frequently used to share copyright TV shows, movies etc, but sadly VPNs inhibit or prohibit its use.

So, this criterion is a deal-maker or breaker! Ask your VPN provider if they permit P2P Torrent downloading.

3.     Location of the Server

VPNs have servers all around the world. Nonetheless, the physical location of the servers is unimportant, unless it affects the security and service. National governments in various countries exercise lesser control over these companies; while others are so impulsive that trusting your network with a VPN in Syria or Libya seems like a gamble. In a nutshell, you wouldn’t want a VPN that has servers in locations that tend to attract hackers.

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