The ultimate motive of having a VPN for business is to allow business partners to communicate and interact securely online. Companies that opt for VPN services consider it to be the safest way of interacting with a group of users/clients and employees spread geographically.

Besides adding a layer of security to business transactions, VPN also deploys virtualized services such as call centers which wouldn’t be possible otherwise unless businesses outsource it to specialized companies.

There are certain aspects of having a VPN. Each aspect has its own pros and cons, however, the pros are far greater than the cons but having a thorough understanding of both is crucial. Have a look:

Security and Design

Pro: the virtual private network delivers optimum security when communicating. When compared with other methods of communication such as telephone or cell phones, the benefits offered by VPNs are quite evident. As technology advances, VPNs are becoming a great means of protecting business data and information from unauthorized access by veiling IP addresses and making online activities untraceable.

Con: The whole idea of VPN security and design can be complex especially for those who are inexperienced at it. In order to ease the procedure, professional assistance is recommended. It is best to hire people who possess a comprehensive understanding of VPN settings, configuration and troubleshooting issues.


Pro: The operational cost of running a VPN is lesser compared to a traditional WAN service. Moreover, the connection cost per user is also lower. Businesses that install and run a VPN tend have a better grp on their operational expenses due to its fixed communication costs. Above all, a VPN is a low cost option when it comes to taking advantage of global networking opportunities.

Con: if an infrastructure is incompatible and obsolete to install and run a VPN, the cost can swell dramatically. Nonetheless, a lot depends on the product vendor. If you continue to work with the same product vendor, the cost of deploying additional infrastructure can increase massively.

Using Mobile Devices

Pro: Using VPN over multiple devices reflects the flexibility for business partners and stakeholders in terms of communication. Without compromising on security, they can easily communicate across borders with utmost ease.

Con: The threat of security breach increases if communication takes place over wireless devices. However, tightening mobile security is a good option to prevent this potential threat.

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