While security is one of the key factors in determining which VPN service to go for, the speed of the VPN comes in as a close second runner-up. Generally, there are a host of factors that are responsible for determining the speed of the internet when connect via VPN. The most influential of these is of course, the speed of the internet and distance between your location and that of the VPN server. For example, if you are an inhabitant of China and accessing internet via a New York VPN server, some loss of internet speed should be expected naturally.

Above and beyond these crucial factors, here are some useful tips that can be instrumental in speeding up VPN connections:


This tip requires you to add headers onto existing packets. In case, the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size is not attuned, the larger packets that were previously fitted to your MTU will need to be broken down into smaller ones, ideally, fragmented into two; resulting into twice as many packets. In majority of the cases, the MTU path discovery automatically adjusts MTU size. However, if your problem is fragmentation, then the only thing that can help you is to decrease the MTU on your hosts.

Tunnel Lifetime

Instances where the tunnel lifetime is very short, the overheads that are associated with creating or establishing the tunnel becomes visible to the end users. In case the users are sending minimal traffic per tunnel, inactivity timeouts can come into play. In order to resolve this issue, it is best to increase the tunnel lifetime and keep it alive.


Usually, VPN Gateways are capable of encrypting at link speed when using hardware encryption. However, the low-end gateways that are capable of performing encryption using software can often become a blockage during heavy usage intervals. If this is the issue, then the best alternative is to use a cipher or shorter key to meet the security and speed needs. Another option is to expand the VPN’s gateway via hardware acceleration and/or load sharing.

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