Despite of paying high monthly premium to internet service providers for fast speed, internet users still suffer from ISP throttling for video streaming services such as YouTube. To resort out of this dreadful situation, the only outcome that seems beneficial is opting for a third party Virtual Private Network or VPN.

On a basic level, a VPN allows you to encrypt or hide your internet traffic so that the Internet Service Provider or intrusive hackers are blocked from viewing your online activities. By establishing a connection with the VPN provider, you are creating a ‘tunnel’ in between where no other entity can spy on your activities and personal information. When your ISP wouldn’t know that you are streaming a video on YouTube for instance, it wouldn’t be able to throttle your connection at all!

Moreover, there is much more value that you can expect from a VPN. Read below to find out:

Offer Public Security

If you are in a habit of instantly connecting to public Wi-Fi’s located at public locations such as a hotel or restaurant, then you must be aware of the fact that many snoopers are connected to the same network ready to snoop into your personal information. However, with a good VPN connection you can completely eliminate such chances of unwanted interference because all your traffic is being encrypted and routed inside that ‘tunnel’. This means that snoopers would be able to keep an eye on you but remain clueless of what you are actually doing.


Many a times, circumstances demand high level of anonymity to conduct some kind of internet business. To make sure all the activities remain anonymous, using a VPN is indispensable. When connected to a VPN, the websites you browse can only see the IP address of the VPN, instead of your own, real IP address.

Access to Blocked Content

If you are an inhabitant of China, then you might not have legal access to Facebook. Likewise, every region has certain limitations of the content that can be viewed within its territories. However, a VPN allows you to overcome this geographical limitation. If you are residing in United States and are willing to watch a BBC video that is blocked for viewership, you can possibly watch this video as your VPN provider’s server is located in UK as well. In other words, you can bypass the restriction and watch the videos in United States.

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